Improvised Music in New Haven

by nathanbontrager

Savvy readers of the Sunday Times may have been intrigued by this article:

I feel quite fortunate to have become involved with the New Haven Improvisers Collective ( early in my foray into the Connecticut music scene.  While musicians who discern the local music vibe primarily from Craigslist might think the only possibilities in the area are cover bands and metal (I have interest and respect for both, generally), this article highlights both the vibrancy of current avant-garde projects and the long-standing presence of the genre in Connecticut.  Much of that history involves the influence of Wesleyan University professor and “creative music” pioneer Anthony Braxton.  See this video for a taste of his compositions and the philosophies which inform them:

This video comes from a collection of recordings issued by New Haven’s own Firehouse 12 label.  Firehouse 12 is a local recording studio which doubles as a concert space.  This Saturday, November 7 you can get the live experience of the New Haven Improvisers Collective with a concert featuring two smaller ensembles formed out of the Collective:

(By the way, I am the cellist in the pictures in the Times article).