Dr. Caterwaul’s media explosion

by nathanbontrager

Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps had a great show the other week at Lyric Hall in Westville (which is quickly becoming New Haven’s go-to venue for creative performance).  We played a few tunes, performed live soundtracks to two short silent films, and backed up Tyler Bussey for a short set.  The technology eventually behaved and the whole evening was a great success.  Below you can find audio/video for most of the program:

First off, we have the audio from our set of tunes now released on Bandcamp:


And here are the films matched up with the live audio.  First is “The Doctor’s Secret” by George Melies with music written by Adam Matlock:

Second is Cecil P. Hepworth’s early adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” with music written by myself (note that we used a video that was slightly longer for the performance but matched the audio to a shorter version for technical reasons so some of the transitions seem delayed from the video):