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Head feels like Peanut

“marge, can we keep him?”

is what you will say when you meet chris riggs.  chris is one of the most inventive guitarists i know and his approach to preparations has influenced a lot of my current composing.  we recorded a duo album a few years ago which chris just released on holy cheever church.

check it out by clicking below:


Celebrate Carl

In honor of the upcoming Broadcloth tour with Carl Testa and a duo performance this coming Saturday featuring the man and myself, I’d like to offer you these two videos from Carl’s new solo set.  Come hear us at Bru Cafe in New Haven Saturday evening as the April Uncertainty Series Festival marches on!

First Piece:

Duo in Berlin

One of my favorite moments from the European tour was a somewhat random and roundabout connection to a fantastic violinist/vocalist in Berlin, Simon Jakob Drees. Simon and I met through a referral from a German Klezmer bassist I met at a summer backyard jam session in Hamden, CT of all places. Simon and I had a great connection musically and I greatly appreciated his generous and humble spirit. He does very interesting work fusing improvisation and music therapy. You can learn more about him here:

Here’s a shot from a duo performance we did in Berlin at the Quiet Cue series.


Don’t forget, if you’re in CT, Dr. Caterwaul’s has two shows this week.  Wednesday at BAR with the David Wax Museum and Thursday at the Outer Space with Andru Bemis and Elisabeth Pixley-Fink.